Pension U Kostela



U Kostela Basic information about Český Brod: The town situated between Prague and Kolín was established by a Prague bishop Jan I. in the 12th century. Thus, it was initially being called Bishop Brod. However, the name did not last long. At the beginning of the 14th century the town appears in documents under the name we know today: Český Brod – the reason was to distinguish it from then called Německý Brod (German Brod), today known as Havlíčkův Brod in Vysočina.


Český Brod is an old gothic town with many historical and architectural monuments. Originally Romanesque St. Gothard Temple, late Gothic bell tower, old town hall and many other monuments belong among the most important ones. The town lies in the Central Bohemia region, about 27 kilometers westward from Kolín, 23 kilometers from a spa town Poděbrady and to reach the suburb of Prague, only 17 kilometers need to be passed over. Český Brod is a town of 7 thousand inhabitants.


Guesthouse U Kostel 

A family guesthouse “U Kostela” is located right in the historical center of Český Brod, at the Arnošt z Pardubic square. You will find calm and cozy surroundings here during your business, as well as tourist visits to Prague or other places near Český Brod, but also comfortable rest when crossing the Czech Republic to reach a distant destination.