With the use of public transport, e.g. train, you can get to the historical city center of Prague in 30 minutes. The location of our guesthouse represents a great starting point for trips to other, out-of-Prague sights, for example Kutná Hora, Poděbrady, Konopiště and others.


PRAGUE: The Czech capital city – distance from us – 25 km. The city is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The most important sights there are Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Hradčany Square and Vyšehrad, but many more are worth a visit.


KUTNÁ HORA: A medieval royal town – 30 km away. As well as in Prague, the Kutná Hora’s local sights are listed in the UNESCO list. The most important of them are the Church of Saint Barbara, the Church of Saint Voršilka, the Kutná Hora ossuary, the Italian Court, Silver Mines – a museum, and others.




PODĚBRADY: An old spa town located about 25 kilometers. The spa is well recognized for its thermal springs that help with the treatment of heart issues. You can visit a beautiful colonnade or a Film Legends Museum.



THE UNDERGROUND OF ČESKÝ BROD: The corridors and cellars have been preserved in the historical center of the city until now, but a part of them has been bricked up and at some places, they were landed up. Since 1993, a small part of the corridors has been opened, the entrance is from building No. 1 on the Arnošt z Pardubic Square. However, we still do not know much about the formation of underground corridors (cellars). For example, the cellars could have served as a shelter for valuables and money, salt, food, wine or other agricultural products could have been stored there. The cellar could have also served as a shelter for endangered inhabitants of the city in case of danger.


SAINT GOTHARD CHURCH: The originally Romanesque church from around 1135 was rebuilt into a Gothic three-nave church in the first half of the 14th century. In 1421 it was seriously damaged and in 1613-1614 it was renovated in a Renaissance style. In 1765-1772 the church passed through the Baroque styled reconstruction by the Prague architect J.J.Wirch. The main altar of the church has been in a rococo style by the hand of I. F. Platzer from 1781.


Český Brod, besides this one, offers more sights worth visiting:


STONE BELFRY: Freely standing Renaissance belfry built between 1578 and 1585. THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY: The Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren, which dates from 1560 - 1562, is located in the City Park.


CAPUCINE MONASTERY WITH CHURCH OF SAINT. MARY MAGDALENE: (Former) church of St. Mary Magdalene and the hospital for 12 poor patients with the Chapel of St. Michal at the bottom of the Arnošt z Pardubic square.


CHURCH OF SAINT. HAVEL IN ŠTOLMÍŘ: A monumental church building, which is one of the most impressive Baroque buildings in the Český Brod region.


MONUMENT OF PROKOP THE GREAT: A secession monument of Prokop the Great (Holý) by sculptor Karel Opatrný from 1910.


CHAPEL OF SAINT JOHN OF NEPOMUK: A niche chapel with a St. John of Nepomuk decorates Arnošt z Pardubic square right next to the church of St. Gothard.


OLD TOWN HALL No. 1: According to the found tile with a sign of Archbishop Jan of Jenštejn, it is believed that the building was built at the end of the 14th century, but certainly it was documented in 1402, making it one of the oldest town halls in the Czech towns.


CITY RAMPARTS: The stone fort was built around 1360 and was meant to protect citizens from enemy raids.


PODLIPANSKÉ MUSEUM: PODLIPANSKÉ MUSEUM: The museum was founded in 1896. It is housed in a remarkable secession building built between 1927 and 1930 according to a design project by architect Antonín Balšánek, surrounded by an original garden.


TOWN BREWEY: The original brewery in Český Brod was founded in 1664 in the place of a medieval Homolkovský house and a burn-out Pickovský house in a north-western part of the town behind today’s firehouse (No. 77).



The location of the town lures to visit even more sights, e.g. Konopiště Castle, outdoor museum in Přerov nad Labem and many more.

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