Sports activities

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Sports activities


LEARNING TRAIL BY ŠEMBERY VALLEY A bit more challenging learning trail with 12 stops, about 11 km long. It passes through the valley of the river Šembera on high-quality roads and is marked by standard green-white signs of nature trails. It crosses the Garden Path in the Gardens, which may cause mild complications with orientation. The information panels are complemented by interactive features such as soil profile demonstration, birdhouse types, etc.



 WATER WORLD KOLÍN - AQUAPARK Rich possibilities for sports, entertainment, relaxation and services, something for everyone - that's the Kolín Water World. The Water World was established in 2006 by rebuilding the swimming stadium into a modern European-style water park. There is an outdoor and indoor area, sports facilities, relaxation services in and out of the water + richly equipped water park’s background.


PARK – ŠKVÁROVNA ČESKÝ BROD Walk or sit in the park. For young and old. Children can use various attractions. Furthermore, there is a playground available to the general public in the park, it is only closed during night hours

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