For the lovers of tourism, we prepared a list of places to definitely visit:


KLEPEC PEAK: The Klepec peak in Českobrodsko hides scattered granite boulders. The tallest of them, Slouha, reaches 7 meters in height.


BARROW AT LIPANY: Not far from Český Brod there is a place that became fatal to the Hussites. In the Battle of Lipany, the Hussite armies led by Prokop Holý and the armies of the lord's unity, where many former Hussites supporters fought stood against each other.


LEARNING TRAIL BY ŠEMBERY VALLEY: An easy 3 km trail of the five-stop nature trail passes through the valley of the Šembera river with three ponds.


TUCHORAZ CASTLE: A unique architectural and cultural monument from which the impressive tower-like gate and the remains of medieval fortifications have been preserved.


CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN MARY IN TISMICE: A remarkable Romanesque church of the basilica type from the mid-12th century, which is still preserved in almost its original condition.


OUTDOOR MUSEUM IN KOUŘIM: A living museum of folk architecture that offers a direct comparison of various regional types of folk architecture from the 17th to the 19th century.


RADIM CASTLE: A 14 km away located unique Renaissance monument with preserved Renaissance and Baroque details and painted beam ceilings dating back to 1607. The monument has an atmosphere of a noble residence.


KERSKO: A forest village, where holiday cottages significantly outnumber buildings for permanent living.


BOTANICUS OSTRÁ: A historic village of arts and crafts. Here you will find yourself in the true Middle Ages with a lot of traditional crafts from carver to potter.


MOVING SAND DUN (PÍSTY BY NYMBURK): A rather unusual place for our geographic situation: the desert between Nymburk and Sadská,

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